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In August 2007 architect and father Gerard Brown Sr. lost his battle to cancer. As the global economic recession loomed times became difficult. With three children (Gerard Jr. McGarrett, and Eythan) to raise and medical bills pouring in, Janet (mother and wife) found herself in a tight spot. It was the wishes of Gerard Sr. to keep the dream home that he lovingly designed and built that kept Janet and her sons pushing amid their struggles.

The Brown's knew something had to be done to keep their father’s dream alive. Months after his death, a family meeting was held to discuss a solution. It was from that very meeting that “Brownstone” was born. The word “Brownstone” is derived from a collaboration of the family name and their father’s tombstone. The decision gave Gerard Sr. a permanent place in the family business.

Soon after the name was established came the idea that would change their lives forever. They decided to divide the Brown family home into guesthouses. The pool house became the “Sunset Loft,” the children’s room became the “Sunrise Suite” and the master bedroom became the “Sunlite Studio.” Years later those guesthouse still exist, proving that God guided Gerard Sr. as he designed their Marlin Drive home, as little renovation was needed to transform it into a second chance for his family.

Now that you’ve read our story and know how we came to be we say, “Welcome, our home is your home.” In memory of Gerard Brown Sr. the architect, the father and the husband, we are truly “Taking the next step by remembering the last stone.” - The Brown Family



In the years that have passed since Brownstone welcomed its first guest there have been many developments. Each day has brought new opportunities, unforgettable memories and lasting friendships with our clients. At Brownstone we have evolved both personally and professionally.
President, owner and mother Janet Brown continues to excel professionally and says her life has truly been transformed since the birth of The Brownstone Group of Companies. In the years past, Janet has earned multiple awards for her exceptional line of work at the Bahamas Telecommunications Company. Today she serves as one of the highest-ranking female executives in the country. Amidst her professional successes, Janet continues to enjoy a close relationship with her sons and daughter-in-law. But she insists her happiest moment has been becoming a grandmother.

At the inception of Brownstone the eldest of the boys, Gerard Jr. was enrolled in his freshman year at Auburn University. Today he is not only a double-major college graduate but also a husband and father. After returning home with a Business and Marketing degree Gerard Jr. jumped into the family business. He also took a job at the local Cable TV station as a set creator and production associate. It was there in 2012 that he met his future wife, veteran print and broadcast journalist Jasmin Bonimy. Less than two years later they wed during a fairytale wedding. While balancing their work life and Brownstone Group commitments, the couple welcomed a new baby girl named Reagan to their family in January 2016. That same year Gerard made the decision to resign from the Cable TV station and take on a fulltime role at the family business. Today, he serves as the Brownstone Group’s as General Manager.

Since graduating high school the second oldest son, McGarrett has worked as a graphic artist, even gaining certifications along the way. McGarrett is currently attending the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale pursuing his degree in graphic design. He aspires to be one of the most sought after graphic designers in the country.

The youngest of the boys is now pursuing his dream of becoming a medical doctor. After graduating high school with top honors, Eythan enrolled in college at one of the region’s top schools. After just one year in college he was accepted into the University of the West Indies med school program.


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Nassau, Bahamas

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