Janet Brown currently is the President and CEO of the Brownstone Group. She attended Oklahoma University where she obtained her Bachelors in Marketing & Business Administration. Janet then went on to receive a Master’s in Business Administration at the University of West Florida. While attending the University of Oklahoma she received multiple awards that include: International Student of the Year, nominations in “Who’s who in American colleges” as well as Summa Cum Laude graduation honors. Janet’s career began at the Ministry of Finance before working at the Bahamas Telecommunications Company where she would be a part of numerous successful product and service launches. This would award her the opportunity to win various national and international awards and achievements. After BTC, Janet would then move on to Cable Bahamas Ltd., where she assisted in the launching of the company’s Voice product and service implementation. Two years later she would then return to BTC as the Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of Sales. Janet brings her vast amount of knowledge and expertise in business and marketing to the Brownstone Group. Her leadership and forward thinking ideas and initiatives keep the Brownstone Group ahead of the curve in regards to all of their service offerings. As President/CEO her directives and processes greatly assisted BGL pivot and adjust during the Covid-19 pandemic that created a major downward turn to the Bahamian economy. Her vision and passion has made Brownstone the success it is to date.




Gerard Brown Jr. currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer after two years as the company’s General Manager. After receiving his high school diploma from St. Augustine’s College in 2007, he obtained a full athletic scholarship to Auburn University in Alabama. During his studies at Auburn, Gerard actively participated in many clubs and organizations while also competing for the Auburn University Track and Field program in both the Long and Triple Jump events. He also obtained many academic achievements and was awarded the invitation to join the academic honors fraternity, “Phi Sigma Pi.” In 2011, Gerard graduated from Auburn University with a double degree in Marketing and Business Administration. After college he spent four years working at Cable Bahamas Ltd. as a marketing and production associate, it was during this period that Gerard would gains the tools of graphic design, project management as well as networking skills that would prove to become valuable in the near future. As COO, Gerard now handles the day to day operations and processes for all departments for the company and works closely with the company’s Marketing Department.




Jasmin Brown currently serves as Human Resource Manager at The Brownstone Group while continuing her passion as a TV Reporter at Our News/The Nassau. After graduating from Temple Christian High School, she studied Journalism and Mass Communications at the College of the Bahamas where she obtained an Associate-of-Arts degree in 2005. That fall, she joined the team at The Nassau Guardian newspaper as a staff reporter and after two years she was granted study leave to pursue a Bachelor-of-Arts degree at the University of Tampa in central Florida. After interning at News Channel 8, a NBC affiliate in the bay area, she graduated with honors from UT in 2008 and returned to the Nassau Guardian as a radio and TV reporter. Jasmin has more than 10 years’ experience in the field of journalism which has allowed her to travel extensively. That experience has been vital in enhancing Brownstone on multiple levels. Aside from being the HR head, Jasmin assists the company’s Marketing department in the formation of press releases, copywriting, script creations and proofing. Jasmin and her husband Gerard Brown work closely behind the scenes to ensure a seem less, efficient and comfortable work environment for their most important capital the “Human Capital.”




McGarrett Brown currently serves as the VP of Marketing and Media for the Brownstone Group Ltd. Upon graduating from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in Fort Lauderdale with an Associates and a Bachelors with honors and distinction, McGarrett Brown joined the family company and immediately implemented his skills and expertise. McGarrett was a key member of the Marketing department when the company did their full rebrand exercise. From concept to implementation, McGarrett handled the brand consistency across all channels. McGarrett’s day to day functions includes the upkeep of the company’s website, the creation of artwork for the company’s campaigns and promotions as well as all the company’s print and graphic needs with his network of vendors and partners in New Providence and abroad. As new projects arise, McGarrett provides crucial intel on the look and feel of the brand and ensures a consistent delivery as his major objective is the increase brand awareness for the company. Due to the resources that McGarrett provides for the company it allows quick execution of marketing campaigns, real time website alterations and updates as well as the ability to deliver the company’s message in real time, which in today’s economy is a valuable asset.




Eythan Brown currently serves as the VP of Information Systems & Operations at The Brownstone Group while continuing his journey to becoming a Medical Doctor. Upon graduating from St. Augustine’s College (high school) with high honors, he went on to pursue his dream at The University of The West Indies at the Cavehill Campus in Barbados. Due to his academic success, he was able to transfer to UWI at the Mona campus in Kingston, Jamaica which is one of the top Universities for medicine in the region. Currently as a Student Doctor at the Princess Margaret Hospital in New Providence, Eythan brings a technical and procedural approach to The Brownstone Group. Even though he is a medical student he makes the time to assist with all the companies IT needs and processes. His technical and intellectual approach to procedures, and concepts are some of the key building blocks that the company stands firmly on today. As VP of Information Systems and Operations, Eythan works closely with the CEO and COO on a daily basis, to ensure the proper implementation of workflows of the company, as well as the design, development and implementation of the organization’s systems. With a “knack” for tech, Eythan also provides a valuable tech support tool to the company in regards to any software application and infrastructure systems at the company head office or guesthouse department.


Brownstone Sea Beach Blvd.
Brownstone Hamster Road
Brownstone Marlin Drive
P.O. Box CB-13248
Nassau, Bahamas


Phone: +1 (242) 328-4438
Phone: +1 (242) 359-2769

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